About Us

Major Music International Corporation (MMIC) is a New York State not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing musical instruction to youth 3-18 years old regardless of their financial status. MMIC’s mission is to expose music and arts to inner city youth through our comprehensive programs. The organization specializes in music and arts instruction using a creative and innovative technique that makes learning fun for all ages. Students are prepared with the musical education, history, instruction, and training from licensed and certified instructors helping them to excel. MMIC seek to use music as a vehicle to direct the energies of youth into positive creative expression. MMIC partners with Joe’s Music Center & Performing Arts Program.

Students enrolled in our programs gain the experience of performing in venues throughout the five boroughs.  Students perform in two annual recitals and scheduled performances in local Junior and High Schools, places of worship and for special events.  Students also participate in nationwide competitions and New York State music evaluations. As part of the program, students travel to various music and arts venues throughout the New York City area.

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